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Description of Services:
MOWING : Lawn will be cut at a length of 3” once a week as weather permits and growth requires. Concrete sidewalks and driveways will be edged BI-weekly. All hand trimming will be done weekly. Grass clippings will be blown from all walks, driveways, and patios after each mowing.

BED CARE : Macomb Yard Services Will schedule the work and manage your beds to maintain a great appearance throughout the growing season. A weed preventative will be used in some areas to control growth.

SPRING CLEAN UP : Spring clean-ups will be done at our earliest opportunity and as weather permits. Consists of leaf and debris removal from lawn and bed areas and removal from property.

FALL CLEAN UP : Fall clean up consists of leaf and debris removal from lawn area as leaves accumulate or become detrimental to the lawn. Shrubbery beds will be cleaned on final clean up.

DE-THATCHING & POWER RAKING : Removal of harmful thatch layer from your lawn and removal of debris. Promotes a thicker healthier lawn.

AERATION : Removal of soil plugs to allow for a good air/water to soil contact.

SHRUB TRIMMING : Shaping and trimming of bushes and ornamental shrubs.

FERTILIZER : Slow release granular fertilizer. Up to 6 applications a year.


LANDSCAPE SERVICES : All landscape needs provided

ADDITIONAL SERVICES : Additional service provided upon request
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